I work with leaders and leadership teams
to develop creative skills and mindsets.

Coaching toward your creative potential

Founders and Entrepreneurs

Leadership coaching and mentoring.

Leading and managing a creative company.

Building creative teams or a studio.

Considering Acquisition and M&A of Design and Tech companies.

Leaders of Creative Teams

Leadership coaching and mentoring.

Building Design Thinking and Growth Minded leaders

Leading product vision and execution.

Building a studio culture.

Outcomes of Coaching

Build Growth Mindset

Navigate and connect the possibilities of the changing world by building the collective capacity to see new paths and to take to action.

Manage Possibilities

Learning how to see and  lead through multiple horizons while inspiring and mobilizing a team towards those horizons.

Lead Creativity

Act with agility, tell stories visually, prompt experimentation, pilot and create proof of value in ways that lead others to enhances the individual and team creative capacity.

Creative Environment

Failure is often not alone due to ability or aptitude of people. Magical things happen when we create space to deepen relationships, create trust, clarity and confidence.

Leverage Failures and Tests

Fail and learn in ways that create momentum. Clarifying new paths through experimental learning. Finding new opportunities for your roadmap and your company by doing and learning.

Instruction and Teaching

Teaching Philosophy

Help students see a systems perspective to identify and frame problems and solutions.

Provide an understanding of methods and tools, reinforced by why each is used.

Create safe, interesting and exciting environments and scenarios for real life applied learning to take place.

Empower groups to process through discussion.

Leverage failure as learning opportunities.

Higher Education Experience

Designing Business, GVSU EMBA

‍Creativity in Leadership, GVSU MBA

Experience Design, University of Michigan

Experience Design and Interaction, Kalamazoo Community College

Design Curriculum Advisement, BCHS and Kentwood Public Schools

experiential learning diagramexperiential learning diagram

My teaching philosophy is informed by the Double-Diamond from my design and innovation practice

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