The path is not always clear, new business models, market forces, team alignment, consumers behaviors, clear vision, agile practices and innovation management, together adds complexity. This is when we navigate together.

Consulting for a future ready position.

Executive Leadership

Future casting and positioning your business horizons.

Envisioning and communicating your vision.

Transform your business & service model.

Growing a digital, creative or product teams.

Understand emerging behavior trends and market forces.

Vision and Strategy Enablement

Building alignment and clarity.

Creative visual narratives for strategic clarity.

Creating accelerating strategies.

Differentiation your brand, product or service.

Align on your brand and product promises.

Innovation Management

Trends, signals and scouting of emerging markets.

Innovate and pilot new business, experience, or services.

Increasing effectiveness of a brand, product or service.

Building innovation pipeline capacity.

Create team capacity.

Assessing M&A Opportunities

Positioning and Experience Creation

Understand customers and market opportunities.

Leading positioning and customer experience.

Testing business model, services, product or brand hypothesis.

Ideation of Go-to-Market and Commercialization.

Develop Roadmaps.

Opportunities are require both Internal and External Leadership

I work at the tensions of external and internal to identify opportunities. Navigating complexity of tensions take leadership for complexity and non-linear actions. My approach is to guide, inspire and set the path towards change.

External Opportunities

Internal Opportunities

external opportunities diagram

Overcoming inertia in your current Business Model to address shifts in consumer and Market Behaviors with new technologies and experiences.

The Positioning of the company narrative, value proposition and how those promises show up in current and future products, services, and experiences.

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Fractional Executive Leadership

Integrated directly within your team, I will play an executive role, building, leading and setting vision.

Value Proposition and Positioning

Positioning is just as important as a great product. Setting the right value proposition, voice and brand essence sets the stage for growth. Then keeping that promise through your products and services.

Clarity of Vision, and Change Enablement

Simplicity is hard, but using storytelling, clear vision and creation of evidence to weave the threads of change.

Building Growth Minded Culture

Thinking with agility and creatively comes from more than methods and exercises. It comes from unlearning and the safe space to try.

Landscape Opportunities

Understanding the landscape of external forces and internal tensions creates a path forward, mapping horizons and steering a strategy.

Product and Brand Promise Alignment

Aligning your CX and Value Propositions requires leadership across capabilities, roadmaps, teams and features.

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